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The city in the Greater Austin area has chosen Midway, to redevelop a 250-acre site

The city of Hutto, situated in the expanding Austin metropolitan area of Texas, has recently embarked on an ambitious development project in collaboration with the Houston-based developer, Midway. This initiative will see the transformation of a substantial 250-acre site into a dynamic mixed-use hub, encompassing a diverse range of amenities including residential units, a hotel, retail spaces, entertainment venues, a grocery store, and park areas.

This strategic partnership stems from a meticulous selection process conducted by the Hutto Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). Midway, renowned for its comprehensive urban development projects, emerged as the chosen developer among four strong contenders. Their proposal for the Cottonwood Properties site resonated with HEDC’s vision for a vibrant community-centric space.

Brad Freels, the CEO and Chairman of Midway, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the goal to create a destination that resonates with both residents and visitors of Hutto. The anticipated formal agreement between Midway and HEDC, set to be finalized by early 2024, marks a significant milestone in the development of this prime location.

Hutto, approximately 28 miles northeast of downtown Austin, is witnessing rapid growth. Proximity to Taylor, Texas, where Samsung Electronics is constructing a major semiconductor campus, contributes to its appeal. The U.S. Census Bureau notes a nearly 90% increase in Hutto's population since 2010. Hutto’s economic landscape has traditionally been industrial-centric, with notable enterprises such as Titan Development, Gulf Coast Paper Co., and Paradigm Metals.

Midway, meanwhile, has an impressive portfolio of urban projects in Houston. These include the East River project, the redevelopment of Post Oak Central, and the expansion of Century Square in College Station. The collaboration with Hutto signifies Midway's commitment to fostering community-oriented spaces across Texas.

Source: CoStar, MMCG

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