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Davidson Hospitality Group's Pivot Division Elevates the Art of Guest Experience in 2024

Pivot, Davidson Hospitality Group's dynamic arm specializing in lifestyle hotels, has reportedly perfected the art of guest experience in 2023, as shared by Rick Colangelo, the Executive Vice President.

The lifestyle hotel niche, increasingly popular among modern travelers, has seen a surge in competition. Yet, Pivot, since its inception in 2016, has managed to stand out with its portfolio of 35 unique properties.

Rick Colangelo, the visionary behind Pivot's success.

Colangelo explains, "From Pivot’s inception, our focus has been on creating a distinct experience. Our approach is all about 'servant leadership' that fosters a culture transforming our properties into design masterpieces. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to heartfelt, connected service. Our goal is to forge an emotional bond with guests, enhancing their experience in a way that also maximizes profits for our owners. We are driven by excellence at every level."

Pivot's dedication to its financial responsibilities towards hotel owners has been a source of pride for Colangelo and his team. Despite facing challenges like recapitalization and restructuring, Pivot has leveraged its expertise to enhance every aspect of hotel ownership, from financial results to guest satisfaction.

"Pivot vibe," a new initiative, reflects the team's commitment to elevating the guest journey. "Each hotel in our portfolio has a unique narrative," Colangelo says. "We immerse ourselves in these stories, using them as inspiration for everything we do. The 'Pivot vibe' is our framework for crafting authentic, unforgettable experiences, focusing on every detail, from the ambiance and service to staff presentation and amenities."

Pivot's parent company, Davidson Hospitality Group, tied with Dimension Hospitality for the highest overall guest satisfaction rating in 2023, scoring 725 out of 1,000. This recognition underlines Davidson's commitment to excellence.

Raising the Bar in Hotel Guest Satisfaction through Investment and Innovation

Colangelo highlights, "Our team's deep-rooted passion for innovation sets us apart. Our lifestyle experts bring a wealth of experience, making each property stand out with their unique approach."

Portfolio Expansion

2023 was a year of growth for Pivot, with notable additions like the Wave Resort and The Bungalow in New Jersey, and a historic hotel in South Florida. They are also transforming the Islamorada Resort Collection in the Florida Keys.

The year also saw the introduction of Alma, a new bar and lounge experience at Hotel Zachary in Chicago, and a soft renovation at The Camby, Autograph Collection in Phoenix.

"In 2024, our focus is on enhancing performance across our existing portfolio, while our business development team is set to secure new deals," Colangelo says. He envisions Pivot's expansion into leisure destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean, and rejuvenating city centers.

Pivot holds the unique posit

ion as the only third-party franchise operator for the 21c Museum Hotels brand, and as one of the first for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and among a select few for Nobu Hotels.

As Davidson's Pivot division continues to evolve, it remains committed to redefining the lifestyle hotel segment through innovation, personalized service, and a deep understanding of the unique stories each property holds.

Source: CoStar

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