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Brooklyn's Innovative Apartment Design Garners Prestigious Architectural Recognition

SO-IL's Brooklyn Complex Achieves Top Honors in ArchDaily's Annual Building Awards

In an impressive nod to innovative urban living, a Brooklyn apartment complex known for its expansive courtyards and communal spaces has clinched an architecture award, standing out in this year's esteemed ArchDaily Building of the Year accolades.

Nestled in the vibrant Gowanus area of Brooklyn, the 450 Warren Street building has been distinguished for its unique design, securing a spot among 15 global winners in the celebrated competition. It proudly represents the United States as the sole American project to gain this recognition.

Crafted by the renowned Brooklyn-based firm SO-IL, this 18-unit residential structure at 450 Warren Street is designed to foster a strong sense of community and connection with nature. Every apartment boasts a personal outdoor area alongside a shared semi-private space, promoting interaction and openness among residents.

Architectural innovation shines through the building's design, with staircases and walkways encased in a striking metal framework instead of conventional walls. This design choice not only enhances natural light penetration but also facilitates visual connections between neighbors, fostering a communal atmosphere.

The architects at SO-IL articulate their vision as an endeavor to enhance urban living through a harmonious blend of outdoor engagement and interpersonal exchanges. The layout includes three inner courtyards, interconnected by bridges and stairways, facilitating a vibrant community dynamic.

According to SO-IL, this architectural approach is about more than aesthetics; it's about crafting a living space that encourages interactions and visibility among residents, embodying a fresh take on urban residence.

The 450 Warren project, which debuted in 2022, is a testament to reimagining residential spaces in densely populated settings, striving to reintroduce lost elements of communal and natural integration in New York City's residential scene.

The site's transformation began in 2019 when Tankhouse, a Brooklyn development entity, purchased the land from the Cuyler-Warren Street United Methodist Church. The new structure replaces the former church building, marking a significant evolution in the neighborhood's architectural landscape.

SO-IL has an impressive portfolio, including the Amant arts campus in Brooklyn and a multifunctional space for Versace in Manhattan, showcasing their versatility and innovative approach to design.

ArchDaily's 2024 Building of the Year awards have highlighted architectural excellence worldwide, with readers playing a crucial role in selecting the winners, emphasizing the democratic nature of this accolade. Among the diverse array of winners, countries like China, Denmark, and India had multiple honorees, showcasing a rich tapestry of global architectural innovation.

Source: MMCG, SO-IL

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