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The New Standard
in CRE Insight

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Project

CRE Insight


Market Analysis

We specialize in providing unique data-driven market analysis tailored to offer our clients a clear understanding of their sales projections and expected revenue. 

Site Selection

We specialize in providing detailed site selection analysis, essential for guiding your strategic real estate decisions.

Feasibility Study

We are proud to offer bankable feasibility studies that serve as a cornerstone for informed decision-making in your business ventures. 

3D Rendering/Site Plans

We excel in providing state-of-the-art 3D visualization services, with a keen focus on identifying the most profitable architectural solutions for your projects.


We strategically partners with the best  available data providers to unlock the ultimate analytical insight.

Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 12.18.29.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 11.54.32.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-27 at 13.13.31.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 12.25.17.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 12.04.13.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 12.23.06.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 23.06.57.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 12.45.41.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 12.19.39.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 19.38.27.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 16.18.37.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 16.18.37.png

Data-Driven Approach


We have assembled a vast array of data that enables us to offer insightful analysis across multiple dimensions. From a climate risk to tracking consumers  behaviour via mobile cell data. 


Our market data is extensive, encompassing actual transactions, details of leased spaces, and current occupancy data. We forecast future occupancy trends and changes in asking rates, which are vital for predicting market movements. Additionally, our data on market absorption and new construction activities provide a comprehensive view of the real estate landscape. 


Furthermore, we've tapped into mobile phone data, which is instrumental in deciphering consumer behavior patterns. This diverse and detailed dataset allows us to gain a deep understanding of both the current market and emerging trends.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers



Total SF Built


Total Loan Amount Supported ($)


Total Construction Cost ($)

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We're excited to share that our innovative, constantly evolving data-driven demand forecasting model is designed to streamline processes, saving valuable time where it's most impactful. By automating tasks that no longer require manual intervention, we redirect our focus to what truly matters in this decade - enhancing customer experience.



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